Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009...

Bridget and I spent the day with the girls for Mother's Day. The girls picked out a singing Spongebob card for her (yes, a SB Mother's Day card LOL). I picked up a couple of gift cards "from the girls" for her as well. Bridget got me a beautiful card with a nice gift, but I am not bitter HA HA.

We went to the butterfly exhibit and the girls had a blast. Ava is my bug charmer - she loves worms and butterflies and doodle bugs! We were supposed to meet family at El Fenix but it got cancelled.

So we made a stop to Lowe's and I bought myself some mulch and a rake :). I also bought 10 square pavers to make a hopscotch grid for the girls in the backyard. I bought them their own little rakes too, to help me rake the mulch. I am so excited to start working on our backyard...I have plans for a butterfly garden and a salsa garden in the big terracotta pots. I am on the hunt for patio furniture and a small scale swingset.

The girls and I then headed out to visit Jeanette and Aidan. I hadn't seen J since her mastectomy about a month ago :( She looks great and we had a wonderful visit. I am only about 20 minutes away now and will make a point to see her more often. I miss her.

We got home late and picked up fast food to eat - I ended my day at -25 points! Yikes!! But I will do better this week and hope for a good weigh in on Wednesday.

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  1. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day. I've ended many a day in the negative point range. It's all good. :)