Tuesday, May 12, 2009

kid free nights...

The girls are with Bridget tonight and Wednesday night. I love having a couple of nights to myself during the week - I haven't used them for just "me time" yet. I either have someone to visit or something to take care of. But I still enjoy the ability to do what I need to do. Now to work in some weekend time as well!

I did feel badly this morning - Ava and I had a rough start and were running late and I was frustrated. It is not their fault. I need to spend some time planning our routine and getting things in order. I will use this week to take care of some things that I hope will help. I want to plan meals, set up a responsibility chart for the girls, make a list of things to pack for their overnights with B, stuff like that. It is silly for me to run around crazy in the mornings - we can take care of a lot of the prep work the night before.

I am hoping to get some furniture shopping done this weekend and will have a "place" for everything. It is hard to organize when I don't have the proper storage spaces. My BIL and SILs offered to help me paint and put together my Ikea finds. I will definitely take them up on it!

I have eaten fairly well the past couple of days and have lots of veggies planned for today and tomorrow. My mouth is watering thinking about my california rolls for lunch today :)
Fingers crossed for a good weigh in tomorrow night!!


  1. Hey Chickie....
    I'm sorry about the rough morning! Oh, do I understand those and how they can make a Mamma feel. Hang in there.....you're one fantastic Mom in my book! Did you ever get to take your bubble bath?

  2. As far as packing for the overnight stays with B...when Mark and I were seperated he had all of his own stuff for the kids. There was no "packing" to do. It was his responsibility to make sure that his house had what he needed to for the kids. This will take that burden off of you and make B be more responsible for her time with the girls..... just an idea.