Monday, May 4, 2009

good weekend...

So I thought I would write a happy post after my downer one last week :)

I had a great weekend. Nothing spectacular, but I enjoyed it.

I had a fun Pampered Chef party at my place, enjoyed great company and a yummy dessert!
My girls had fun with the kids that came and it wore them out, which is always a plus.
We had terrible thunderstorms for the rest of the day and it was wonderful to just stay home and have nowhere to go.

Sunday, we went to a Rylie's birthday party at a gymnastics center. My girls were so shy and moody for the first 30 minutes. Once they warmed up, it was time to go to the party room. Zoe loved jumping on the trampoline floor. I am going to see about classes there. I think they would both enjoy it. I met Jennifer and Rylie for the first time - and I love them both. They are both very funny and outgoing. I hope to spend more time with them.

Today, I packed up the girls' stuff for them to stay with Bridget for a couple of nights. Ahhh, I get the next 2-3 nights to myself. I am giddy with excitement. Maybe I will FINALLY take a bath in my fabulous tub and look out the skylight at the stars ~ with a glass of the wine that Tracey brought me ;)

Happy Monday, ya'll~


  1. Wow - wine in a bath - sounds like heaven! I haven't done that since the night before our wedding. Hope you get to do it - enjoy!!

  2. Wow,wine and a bubble bath......I agree with Crystal, sounds like heaven! Please describe it to all of us so we can feel like we lived thru you. hehehehe.....enjoy your time, you deserve it, Mama! Your sweet girls are blessed to have a wonderful Mama like you!