Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas has come and gone, new year about to start...

Christmas is over and I was ready for it to be gone. I just couldn't get into the whole holiday spirit this year - lots of changes from years past, not really sure where I belonged. But it was fine overall, I enjoyed the time I spent with the girls and some of the traditions we started this year. I have plans for new ones next year as well.

Now on to 2010...I am ready for it! I always love January 1st ~ so much potential, so many new goals and aspirations. I may not always follow through on my resolutions, but I love the feeling of starting fresh. This is going to be My Year ~ I can feel it, I know it deep down inside. It is not just about losing weight or getting organized (like all the years past). It is about finally finding myself and loving who I am.

I have a list of goals and to-do's but my main focus is going to be living in the moment. This is one of my biggest weaknesses. I am always looking behind or far ahead - and missing out on the present. I want to appreciate all that is happening...right now.

I have a handful of people in my life that I truly admire and look to for inspiration. Different types of people, different lives and different reasons why I think of them as role models to aspire to. I am going to keep those people close and up front - try to stay focused on what I love most about their attitudes and outlooks on life. And I will hope to be an example to someone else at some point.

I will be 43 years old this April - lots to do before and after that birthday. Time to get busy :)