Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I posted yesterday about stopping my meds, not necessarily on purpose. I ran out and then didn't get by my neighborhood pharmacy (that I adore but it closes at 7 and is not open on Sundays!). so I was feeling ok and decided that maybe I didn't really need them - I was on the lowest dose. anyway, last night, it really hit me. the last couple of days, I could feel the old irritations just under the surface. I was getting easily annoyed by everything the girls were doing. I let things that Bridget did/didn't do bother me all over again.
So it is apparent that the meds were doing what they were supposed to. I know better than to stop cold turkey and I didn't call my doctor to tell him.
But I have decided to try something a little more natural - I have some Luminex (from Melaleuca) on order and will try those out. I am still not going to refill my meds because you are not supposed to mix. I am going to try to wait it out until next week. I just need to try to focus and keep my cool. I do not want to take any of this out on the girls.


edited to add: I will call my doctor today and fess up. I don't want anyone to worry ;)


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  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry Dina. I hope your med situation works out - I know from my own personal experience that when I stopped cold turkey it didn't turn out well. (I removed my other comment because I think I worded it wrong.)

  3. Crystal, I know it is not good to stop completely. I really do and I keep going back and forth about it. I was on the lowest dosage so I keep rationalizing it that way. I appreciate your honesty. I will give my dr a call today.

  4. I'm glad you'll call. :) Especially if it's a doctor you know well and trust he/she should be able to make you comfortable with the decision you make. Different meds effect people so differently, I know someone who takes like 25% of my dosage, but it effects her a lot more when she misses doses than it does me. (I don't mean to sound preachy, honest - just want to share. Love ya girl!)

  5. First, Love you....Girl! Please, please be so very careful stopping your meds without the help of your doctor. I've done it in the past & taken care of folks that did the same thing and it never turns out well. If you don't want to talk to your doctor, I know you have a friend whose honey can help you. :o) Maybe wait until it's been longer & your established on your own & girls are adjusted before trying to stop meds. I'm going to stop....I don't mean to be a "nurse or naggie" friend....just worried about you! Love ya, Girl!