Wednesday, April 29, 2009

need more time...

I feel like I have so much to do and just can't get anything done. I am still trying to figure out my daily commute and routine. I hate that the girls have to be in the car so much driving to Irving and back home. But it is temporary - Ava starts school in the fall and I will see about putting Zoe in a part time program at the same time.

I am hosting a Pampered Chef party on Saturday and am still stressing a little bit about the house not being the way I want it. I told myself it was ok but I wanted to at least have furniture by now LOL!

Ava just called me - she wants me to come home :( I asked her if everything was ok and she said yes, she just wanted to be with me. I wish I didn't have to work. I think she is going through a growth spurt right now and has been kind of emotional about lots of things.

A funny about Ava: she is an infomercial junkie! She told me we need to get BumpIts for her hair, TopsyTurvy to grow tomatoes (but she won't eat them) and she MUST have that toothpaste holder thing. Once we were in Target and she saw some herb planter thing and was reciting the commercial! And she was beside herself when she saw an AquaGlobe in the plant the former house owners left us!!
hmmm...maybe we watch a little too much tv??? :)

I am supposed to weigh in at WW tonight - I am sure I have a loss. I was premenstrual last week (TMI, sorry) and had Chinese for lunch. But I have been good about tracking my points and meals - and I have consciously made some better decisions about what I am eating. I do need to eat more veggies and milk/dairy and I need to be mindful of the little bites here and there (they do add up!).

Happy Wednesday ~


  1. Hope you had a good weigh in! I'm sure your house looks awesome! And, I'm sorry to hear that Ava is having an emotional time. Such is the curse of us women, right? I'm in the middle of a months' long emotional time. It's hard to be a girl sometimes!

  2. OMG you just cracked me up Ethan is an infomercial junkie too. He just added to toothpaste to his list of things we need yesterday or the day before. He also thinks we need the thing to make little hamburgers, I think it is called sliders something or other.

  3. OMG the infomercial.....tell Ava she can try my Bumpits....okay, I admitted it.....I bought some. Do you see me hiding under the sofa with shame. They were purchased during my desperate bed rest days. It's a good thing I'm off....Tell her to come over and Miss Stacey will do her hair. :o)