Monday, April 27, 2009

random weekend stuff...

well, I had plans to go furniture shopping on Saturday, specifically at Ikea. But Bridget was late picking up the girls and it messed up my schedule. So I settled for a quick trip to Target (again) and got a few household things.

Then it was off to meet Jacki and Christene for Bollywood Gay Bingo!!! Oh my gosh - that was so much fun!! Seriously, Henry Ramirez is a rock star for putting this event together every month. The icing on the cake was that I won $120 on one of the last games ~ woo hoo!!
We had a great thai dinner afterwards and I slept like a baby in my big comfy bed!

So to add to the annoyance, Bridget showed up with the girls at 9:30am! Really??? Since when does she wake up early enough to have the girls up and home by 9:30??? So again, my schedule was messed up. I think we really need to formalize a schedule and times. Right now, it is just all for her convenience. Yeah, that won't work for me! LOL

We went to Kylie's pajama birthday party and had a blast! Micki and Todd did a great job from the pillowcase craft project to the "pancake" cake! I only thought the girls were worn out, but once we got home, we played outside with the neighbor kids for about 2 hours. I let them run themselves ragged...after dinner and good bath, both girls crashed! That is a good day for me :)

I had a decent Weight Watchers weekend - although I had -18 points on Saturday :(
But I got back on track after that and I have made some good choices for my food. I am hoping for a loss on Wednesday - something to keep me going. Although my goals this week were to track my food, drink water and eat meals - so anything other than that is good with me.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend - winning money is always cool! Yeah, I think a schedule would help everyone - the grown ups and kids.
    You use your points how you want, girl! I pretty much always use my flex points over the weekends, since those days are a lot less structured.

  2. Omg we were going to go to Bollywood but are going next month. My bff Chris helps promote the event. My dh and I will be with him next month for 80's. You better be there too!