Saturday, June 13, 2009

saturday night...

we made english muffin pizzas for dinner and the girls wanted to sleep in the tent in the living room. guess it's not such a bad thing that we don't have a couch yet! LOL

Ava Zoe


the girls are snoring peacefully in the tent and I am doing little chores in between internet surfing :)

A couple of random thoughts:

~I picked up a tv cabinet and shelf units that I bought from someone on my mom's board. It is beautiful and worth so much more than what I paid. But it is in my garage, along with many other projects, waiting to be painted. I am happy that I am finding great pieces for the house and can make them just the way I want (AND not paying full price is icing on the cake!!) But I really need a weekend to get this painting done and get these things in the house!

~also from my mom's board, I have joined their version of The Biggest Loser. It started yesterday and runs for 12 weeks. We send our weight in on Fridays and the person who loses the most percentage of body weight wins the pot ($5 entry fee). Maybe this will be the motivation I need! I am working on my plan for eating and exercising. I have 2 more weeks of WW left and will get back to tracking my food.

~I have been organizing my pantry and kitchen. I am serious when I say this gives me so much pleasure! LOL It is fun to me and helps motivate me to do other areas of the house! I am working my way through every room and figuring out what I need to get it all organized and to hopefully stay clutter-free.

~I booked my hotel for the end of the month. We have a family reunion in Austin and I will stay an extra couple of nights with the girls. I am a little scared of being there alone - I have never done that with just me and the girls. But I have plans for the Children's Museum and some other activities, so I think we will have fun. I am off that week and we will come back and celebrate birthdays ~ Ava 6/30 and Zoe 7/3. Per their requests, we will be riding baby unicorns and having cake. If the unicorns fall through, we will either go ice skating or ride horses. :)


  1. All sounds so good. :)

    I am sorry about Bridget. I always had a hard time with my ex's dating too. I hope you can find some peace in your beautiful new home. Your livingroom camp out looks great! My kids would love that. :)


  2. here's to hoping you can find baby unicorns!!

  3. Hey I didnt know that Marcus and Zoe have the same B-day! Our party is on Sunday the 28th. Is that the weekend you are going to Austin?

  4. I can't wait to hear all about your trip! Sounds like a great time! Your living room camp-a-thon looked like fun! You're the bomb!