Wednesday, June 3, 2009

kid free Wednesday...

I really should blog a little more often ~ I am old, I forget what I have done from day to day! LOL

so the title up there is in reference to our new kid schedule ~ Bridget actually initiated it. I was complaining about not having any weekend time sans kids and I guess she finally got it. It seems like it will work out pretty well and is equal and fair. I get Wednesdays and she gets Thursdays ~ we alternate the weekends. I think it will work for now.

So last weekend was my first without the girls ~ and true to form, I managed to fill it up with lots of things to do! I really need to take one of those weekends and just relax...soon!

Friday, my friend Angie came into town. Angie and I have known each other via phone and email for almost 8 years and this was the first time we met! I was a little nervous about how we would get along in person. I didn't need to be ~ we got along so well and had so much to talk about. It was very comfortable and I enjoyed our time. We went out to eat, hit Sam Moon for jewelry and purses and topped it off with manicures and a stop at Ikea! We are already planning our next visits! Thanks again, Angie :)

I tried a different WW meeting on Saturday morning. It was ok, but I could only go if I don't have the girls. So I had a .8 loss ~ very discouraging but we all know what needs to be done, so yada, yada. Total loss since 4/22 = 4.6 But 4 and 6 are my lucky numbers, so I feel good about it! LOL

Saturday night, I had dinner at my best friend Wendy's house. We have a mutual friend Jodi who is a masseuse and does body work. She wanted to have a little breathing class for us (and Wendy's husband Brian and his friend Bill). I was late for the "class" but got a quick review on my own afterwards. It was a great lesson and I need to practice it more. Breathe from the belly, people (belly, ribs, chest, relax! ) Brian also made a fabulous spinach lasagna. I had a wonderful evening and love being around my BF of 32 years.

Sunday, I drove out to Forney (yes, that is still in Texas!) to pick up 4 patio chairs from my friend Helen (for FREE!). The drive was totally worth it ~ I love the chairs and I love the price!! And Helen pretty much rocks! :)

Then, the moment we have all been waiting for...we picked up the horse and mermaid from the pottery place!!! They turned out really cute and the girls are so proud of them. We are planning to go back and make something for Grandma and Grandpa (birthdays this month). Afterwards, we stopped by to visit Taylor and Katie and stayed for dinner. No Rock Band this time though - darn!

Monday, I got my "new" car from my friend Cami, a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero, seats 7 and is in great shape. I owe 2 payments on my car and will sell it. I am sticking to my plan of no more car payments and I got a bigger car for my needs! I love it!!

So I need to take a minute to talk about my blessings...I truly believe in karma and I feel so grateful to have all of these amazing things happening in my life. I feel like a pheonix ~ I thought there would be no way that I could survive the loss of my relationship. I had not known any other way for 17 years. Yet I am blown away daily with the way things keep playing out and how things fall into place. Thank you to my friends and family and to many of you who don't even realize what an inspiration you are to me. I am forever thankful that you are in my life. :)


  1. Good post! Love the blessings reflection! :)

  2. I'm so glad things are going well. I know they will continue to do so!

  3. God is so Good!!

  4. Oh I like the anonymous post!!! God is TOO good. But that is what is so great about him. He blesses us so much and all thanks to his son Jesus! Ok really I had a blast meeting you and for some reason I was not nervous at all to meet you! I knew we would have fun and I cant wait to come back in August! You are such a blessing to me and others just by sharing your testimony of what you are going through in life right now. We are all learning something from you.

  5. I know what you mean about staying up late reading the blogs. It's an addiction and it takes so much time. I find I NEED that creative inspiration though to stay excited about all my plans. You are not alone.

  6. Now you are in the category of one of the moms that I admire and am in awe of--the single moms. May the force be with you. You are smart to allow your friends and family to help you. I don't know what I would do if I were in the same situation, because we live so far away from our extended families. But I do know that I would be strong enough to make it. I think having kids really helps people keep their priorities straight.

    By the way, I love that we both have A to Z kids.

  7. Hope this schedule works well for everyone! It's so nice to hear so many positive things are in your life right now!

  8. Sounds like things are really falling into place and I am so happy for you!