Monday, February 16, 2009


I told you it was a busy weekend~

so I started this day picking up a couple of things that I had bought from DAMers (Angie now knows that is not a lesbian term! ha ha). I finally got to meet Nicole and her girls!! I bought cute matching bedding for my girls - I hope this will entice them to sleep in their own beds once we move.

then off to meet Brooke for a cool printer/scanner/photo printer machine I bought - can't wait to use it for printing pictures!

since I was in the neighborhood, I called my poor neglected friend Amanda and asked if I could pop in for a quick visit. She is one of my favorite people - even though we don't have the same opinions about some things - she is a riot and genuinely kind and generous!

then off to Wylie (!) to see my friend Alison and her new baby girl Eleanor. I picked up some dinner for the family and got to hold the baby for a while. I have always liked Alison - she is so gentle and laid back. Her husband seemed to have the same kind of temperment and was so nice to talk to. Her kids are adorable and I hope to get them together with Ava and Zoe soon - I think they would get along great!

I actually had a couple of other plans for the day but was so beat from all that driving that I just had to go home! so rainchecks for Cheryl and Wendy :)


  1. I am so glad that you are funding humor in my ignorance! I was afraid to ask for fear of offending...But YES now I know it is NOT a lesbian secret code! LOL!

  2. I still get a giggle out of the whole DAM thing. :) Sounds like a busy day - aren't you one sweet friend - visiting people and taking meals. Maybe I'll have a baby so you can come visit me? Kidding, kidding, that will not happen. :)

  3. It was great to see you! I had to put the cookies in a super secret spot, Evelyn kept sneaking into them - LOL! Thank you for making the trek all the way out to Wylie, next time we'll head your way - hopefully for a moving party ;)