Monday, February 23, 2009

quick update...will post pics soon

inspection went well (yay!) ~ seller is having foundation work done this week. we already knew all of that so some of the issues on the report will be resolved when that is complete. everything else is workable and not affecting my decision at all. :)

this is really it! I am getting my very own house in a month!!!
I took the girls to see it yesterday and they loved it! of course, I had to pry them away from Andrew's toys and repeatedly told them the house does not include the toys...ha ha
They loved the backyard and the park behind our house. They already picked out which room would be their bedroom and which was the playroom. They have decided that they will take all baths in my big bath tub. I can't wait to make this a home for us.

I do have pictures on my mom's camera - just need to figure out how to upload them...will do soon!

thanks to everyone for your kind words ~ I really appreciate it so much *hugs*

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