Saturday, February 7, 2009

a nice Saturday...

I overslept this morning and missed my Al-anon meeting. But I spent a little time with the girls, knowing that I wouldn't see them tonight, so that was ok.

I took them to mom's while I met Traci to look at a handful of houses. No luck :(
I am a little discouraged. I am afraid that I won't find something I like in my price range and in the area that I want. But I am not lowering my standards - this is the house for long term, while the girls are in school. So it has to be a good fit for us. I am confident that Traci will find something that is just right - I need to work on my patience (not my strong suit!).

I also got a chance to visit my favorite triplets and their mamas ~ my friends M & K and their gorgeous babies who are almost 6 months old now! M met me at the door with a baby and an little overnight suitcase - ha ha! I got to feed Sage and rock her to sleep - what a sweet feeling :) I am in awe of how these babies came to be! It's going to be so fun watching them grow and develop their own little personalities and characteristics. I will try to spread my time between them next time - I need some Levi and Jillian time too!

Then I met a group of friends for dinner and drinks. I knew most of them but there were a couple that I met for the first time. What a fun group! My cheeks hurt from laughing so much!! They were crazy and funny and so welcoming. I am enjoying my time with friends - it is helping me with all of the other stuff going on.

It is still surreal that B & I are splitting. I guess it won't truly hit me until I move out. I am thankful that it is not ugly and we are getting along. We just need to be a united front for the girls and show them all the love they deserve. I don't know how we will eventually tell them but I hope they know how much we love them.

I am going to be 42 in two months...I don't get hung up on age, but I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I need to get motivated about getting healthy. I have been doing fairly well on my eating but still need to exercise. The hard part is finding the time (and energy) to fit it in. No excuse will be good enough - I keep looking at friends who have made changes this past year and am so proud of them. Brandie has lost almost 80 lbs! That is amazing ~ I want to do it too.

Speaking of changes, I had one, single, solitary Hershey's kiss on Friday. I had been craving chocolate and co-worker kept filling her dish, so I let myself have one. But it didn't lead me to eat 5 or 10 more like it would have in the past. So I think that is a pretty successful baby step so far...but I have many more to go!


  1. I think 1 kiss in 3 weeks is totaly acceptable! Good job! Also glad that you had a day away and had friend time! I did the same thing last night. Your house will come along. Patience is good, and maybe a little give and take will help too.....

  2. Good for you - one Kiss ain't gonna hurt a thing. (Well, as long is it's a Kiss & not a kiss. lol)
    Don't give in, wait for that perfect house - it's out there waiting on you! :)

  3. Your house is out there. It is going to show its pretty face soon - and the second you see it you'll know, "This is our place". I'm thinking of you and the girls and eating a Hershey's kiss in your honor!