Sunday, January 25, 2009

weekend events...

I am finding my voice...finally.

After missing 2 weeks, I was able to make my Al-Anon meeting on Saturday morning again. I really missed it and the group. It helps to have a place to vent and listen and cry. I am thinking about asking someone to be my sponsor - I have a couple of women in the group that I really like. I may give it a little more time though.

I also finally saw my sil, Jeanette. She has had her 3rd chemo treatment and her hair is falling out. Her brother cut her hair into a cute, short shag. It looks adorable on her. But it will probably all be gone within the week. She bought a cute wig and some hats for work. It is still unreal to think of her having cancer. It sucks. Bridget and Rick shaved their heads in support of her. Thank goodness their hair grows back fast! *giggle*

Today I told Bridget that I am going to go ahead and buy a house. She was surprised. I also was asking her about the accounts and what to seperate, etc. She has been waiting for me to be ready to talk about all of it. So I guess I am ready to move on. I need to provide stability for the girls and start living my life.

The girls and I ditched the house cleaning today and went and bought some play sand. They have a water table at my parents' house that has been put away since the summer. So we filled it with sand and made sand castles in January. It was fun! and a little cold!!

Tonight I made $50 on something I listed on Craigslist ~ it went to a couple who were teachers and had a special needs child. I dropped the price down and was happy it went to someone who was excited about it for their child. Then I made the famous crockpot chicken enchiladas that were all the rage on DAM. They were pretty good, but I prefer corn tortillas and will use those next time.

Oh, and lastly, still no candy! woo hoo!!!


  1. (((hugs))) The sand table sounds like so much fun! Oh, and I made the chicken enchiladas and hated them. :(

  2. Love Craig's List but it is not real popular here in Texarkana. We sold tons of stuf that way in Ca. Oh well! Will be praying for progress in life over the next few days and weeks,it may be hard, but nothing He knows you cant handle!