Thursday, January 22, 2009

I ended up at the after hours clinic last Sunday because of an eye irritation. My suspicions were eye. Luckily it was just me and not the girls. I also found out that my blood pressure was pretty high again and my weight has crept up.

So I decided to try for some baby step changes this week:
NO candy - this is the worst at work. Everyone has candy on their desk and it is always within reach.
NO eating out for lunch - bring lunch and snacks
Walk the stairs or around the block at least once a day at work.

So far this week - I have done the first 2 without fail. I am really proud of the no candy - and I am losing my cravings for it, even after just 3 days.
But I have not gotten in any exercise! It is just hard to get myself up and out. I need to find a couple of walking partners at work to come by and drag me from my desk.

My big goal is to get healthy and active. I don't want to get fixated on numbers but I would like to lose 30-50 lbs this year. I want to find time for a variety of exercise. I also know I will need that time for myself and to help clear the cobwebs!


  1. Heck yeah. How about just start with walking the long way to the bathroom? Work your way up to walking the stairs. You can do it!!

    Way to go on the no candy! Man, that's a tough one for me!! Especially in the afternoon when I want chocolate. I just smell the good stuff and eat some protein.

  2. YOu might hate me (or love me) for mentioning this, but if you like REALLY dark chocolate, an ounce a day is good for you if you have blood pressure issues. JUST an ounce, and it has to be 70%+ cocoa content.
    Good luck though, I've been stuck in this BP struggle for over a year now, it ain't fun!

  3. I dont have blood pressure issues but I do need to loose about 25-30 pounds. I am going to start working out to the Zumba disk set I have with a friend. I agree with the other "poster" about taking the long way to the bathroom and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Also on your break and lunch walk around so you are not temped by the candy dishes. My vise is cracker type snacks, I can live without sugar and HATE chocolate! But I also hate Veggies........