Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I jinxed myself...

I was bragging to someone last week that the girls and I haven't been sick this season - just some sinus and allergy stuff but nothing major. Apparently Ava caught a bug at the sleepover this weekend :(

She stayed home from school yesterday. She probably could have gone today but I wanted her to rest up a bit more. Thankfully she was sad about missing school - not like me growing up, I loved to miss! LOL

So far, Zoe and I are fine and I hope it stays that way...just need to pump us all full of vitamin C and keep the hands clean :)

P.S. anyone have tips for taking medicine that tastes and smells horrendous?? Seriously, it takes Ava at least 1/2 an hour to get 1 teaspoon down!!


  1. Take it to Albertsons and ask them to add the flavor stuff that kids like. I think its albertsons that does it.

  2. I bribe my kids with chocolate (or soemthing else they like) after the medicine is taken. Josh liked (well, relatively speaking) being able to hold the syringe himself and self-serve his medicine. Hope you guys stay well!

  3. We had the same issue here over the last week or two. I was just bragging about how we'd never had a stomach bug in our house while all the other mamas were talking about their bouts with rotavirus... yeah, guess what mama was getting puked all over 2 days later? :p