Saturday, January 23, 2010

first sleepover...

oh my goodness, how did this happen? how did my first born angel turn into a 5 year old going to her first sleepover??

This is actually the 2nd sleepover that Ava has been invited to this first year of school. 5 seems young to me but I guess not. She missed the first one because it was Mama's weekend with the girls. This one was too but she really wanted to go. So I made concessions for my kid-free night so that she could go. She told me up front that she was not spending the night and I could pick her up at 10. So that was the plan.

However, when I got there to pick her up, she told me she wanted to stay the whole night. So she did :) and we both survived - a little stronger, a little more independent and a little sad, but so very proud of both of us.


  1. Wow....Ava, I'm so excited and proud of you, Cutie! I agree seems young to me but than again it's kindergarten and time for the fun times to start rolling!

  2. I bet that was so hard! I'm not ready to think of stuff like that.