Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First official 10K!

On Sunday, I did the Heels and Hills 10K walk! It was pretty awesome. I have always done 5Ks but never really timed them or tried for any kind of personal record.

I walked with Brandie and Jenn for the 10K portion - I timed at 1 hour and 48 minutes. I was dead last in the 10K category overall but I didn't care!! I felt amazing when I ran across the finish line.

I have been slowly coming around to feeling like myself and being active is a part of it. It reminds me of training for my 4 day bike ride 10 years ago. I want to feel like that again. It clears my mind and frees my soul. It releases my stress and makes me a better mom to the girls. It is nice to lose the weight but it is about so much more.

I have had a couple of weird days this week - a lot running through my mind and having fitful dreams. I know it is with the changes coming - Ava starting school, etc. But I am making this a priority for myself - it is the best therapy around!! :)


  1. Way to go girl! I'm so happy for you. You sound so put together and positive, I'm sure everyone in your life is benefitting from the awesome attitude you have. Love ya!!