Friday, July 17, 2009


So I bought my house in March of this year. I was so excited ~ this house is amazing and has a great neighborhood with kids. My previous owner was from my mom's board and we keep in touch via email.

I have met a few of the neighbors - I will try to meet them all before the end of the year. Everyone has been really nice and I feel great about it, except...

The house next door is a couple about my age (40s) with a son the same age as Ava (5). Keith, the husband, is very nice, laid back, pretty casual. Sue, the wife, and I have met and introduced ourselves...and that's it. She never waves, never yells out hello, nothing. I asked Monika (previous owner) if this was normal or was it me? and if she had any advice since I plan to be here for quite a while.

Luckily she told me that Sue is pretty shy and needs a lot of coaxing to come out of her shell. I don't expect us to be BFFs or anything but I don't want to be uncomfortable and not talk, you know? So I am going to plan a couple of opportunities for us to talk and get to know each other. I will get a feel of how much to expect and/or pursue.

I am a little nervous about really letting it all out with everyone - yes, the girls have 2 mommies; no, they don't have a father; no, my partner and I are no longer together but she has joint custody and will be around often; yes, my garage is full of projects (ha ha)

So, my goal is to get the house in order and invite neighbors to meet us over snacks and drinks and Capri Sun juice ~ I also host bunco in October, so I need to get busy!! LOL


  1. I have a neighbor like that, too! Luckily I'm the same way so it doesn't bother me too much. lol Can't wait to see the house! :)

  2. I just wanted to answer your questions you left on my blog- the bed is just one and about 5 feet off the ground. Also if you scroll down a bit on the blog there is a post about the light fixture. Thanks for visiting! Kelly

  3. Don't be nervous, mama. Just wave your little heart out every time you see her. And if you want to break the ice about your past just wear a big sign around your neck that says "My Last Relationship did not work out the way I planned, although I got two amazing daughters out of it. So the position of Lesbian Life Partner is now open. Please see Dina (that's me) for more details" That should sum it up for them without you having to talk too much. ;)

  4. We have several neighbors like that, too! Girl, don't worry.....I don't know how anyone could not embrace you??!! You are one of the sweetest, most thoughtful ladies that I've ever meet! You're always loving on someone that needs a hug or kind word or you're offering to give a little of yourself to someone who needs a hand. I'm so thankful for your friendship! If she chooses to be judgemental, poo on her!

    Love ya, Girl!

  5. You probably have your work cut out for you with that neighbor, but I think you have a good plan. It's hard to be comfortable being social when you're shy. I used to be like that. It's comfortable. Anyway, good luck.

  6. My next door neighbors are also super standoffish, and at first we thought they just didn't care for us, but then we realized that they're just weird, LOL! Whatever happens, I wouldn't take it personally. ((hugs))

    Oh and I'd say you're doing way better than me when it comes to meeting neighbors; I hardly know any of mine and I've lived in my place for 4 years!

  7. I was just wondering how this was going? Hope it went well.