Wednesday, July 29, 2009

catching up...

Things are going fine around here - a few bumps in the road every now and then but overall I am trying to count my blessings :)

I am trying to get into an exercise routine ~ finding different things to keep me motivated and excited. I actually like working out and feel so good afterwards. And honestly, it is the best way for me to lose weight!

I walked a 5K with my friends on Sunday. The walk started at 6:30 AM! Yikes!! But I dragged my booty out in the dark at 5:45 and headed out. It was a great walk and I am really glad that I did it. Brandie and I did the 5K in a little under 54 minutes. Jenn walked the 10K and Holly ran the 15K.

The 5K/10K/15Ks are sponsored by Heels and Hills, a fun and supportive group just trying to get people to be active and healthy! I love it - no hard core competition, walkers and runners together, nice group!

I am doing a 10K with them in a couple of weeks ~ looks like we will have more friends joining us this time, should be fun :)

I am also planning a 2 day a week boot camp for 3 weeks next month...again with the early morning start!! But I figure I can do it for 6 mornings and survive.

I am finally getting some projects done and weeding out others. I have painted a couple of things for the girls with my free Glidden paint. Have more to do this weekend. My decoupage table is done and I decided to use it as my desk instead of the craft table. It fits perfectly in the kitchen.

My Ava starts Kindergarten next month ~ I am happy and sad all at once. My beautiful, smart, imaginative wonder child is moving on to her next adventure. We are planning a special day next weekend for shopping and fun to get her ready.


  1. Sounds like life is moving along! I'm glad to hear you have so many positives - yay for you and working out. That's awesome! :) I think I'll be a basket case when my kids start kinder. When I taught, that was the one year you could see such a drastic change from the beginning of the year to the end. The kids do a lot of growing in that one little year!

  2. I'm so proud of you & all you are doing. You're such an inspiration!