Saturday, May 1, 2010

my girls' poor blog...

I am such a slacker blogger, I blame Facebook!  LOL
This will be a quick catch-up and then I am hoping to do better and post a little more regularly :)

Since I lost my job in February, I have really enjoyed spending this time with the girls.  And I know they are getting so much from it as well.  I am making the most of this time with them and hope to find a job close to home.

Ava is in the last 6 weeks of Kindergarten!  How can that be??  She is doing pretty well.  She is reading and is finally "getting it".  She loves to read to us and is so proud of herself.  I am so proud of her as well.  I loved reading from a young age and hoped she would get the bug too :)  She had a school program last week and did so great!  I wanted to cry watching her on that stage - all dramatic and into her singing!  I remembered her first program at Parents Day Out...she cried through the entire program LOL!  She also started riding the bus home and loves it.  One of her friends rides and as we found out, only lives one street over from us.  What a great surprise :)  That firstborn child of mine is at once incredible and exhausting!  She is tempermental, sensitive, mischievous, kind, witty...we are so much alike, we butt heads constantly - and she is just 5!!  Oh how I am scared of the teen years!!!

Zoe is loving her time with me..I mean, like "clinging to me 24/7 and telling me she loves me every 2 minutes" loving it!  LOL  We have been having some good one-on-one time, taking her to activities during the day (we try not to mention it in front of Ava).  I like having the time to really hear Zoe tell me what she wants to tell me.  A lot of times, she tends to get overshadowed by what Ava wants or what Ava does.  So I am enjoying this so much.  I love listening to her talk when we are driving - telling me stories or singing songs.  She is so funny and imaginative.  I never know what she will come up with next.

They both seem to be dealing with the separate households pretty well.  While school is in session, I still have them the majority of the time, with Bridget getting them every other weekend and visiting on Wednesday evenings.  They like Amy (and her two dogs) and she treats them very well and is caring and kind to them.  Although we haven't fully discussed the situation, my smart girls know a lot and seem to be okay with how everything is right now.

This month, I am looking at some summer options for both girls - want to find some fun activities to keep them busy and active.  We also have a birthday party to plan!  Ava is already making out the guest list LOL


  1. You've come so far, I think this unexpected turn of events in your career has been so great for you (and of course the girls)! You seem so happy, and I loev to see that.

  2. I'm so glad you are able to use this time to spend some extra qt with your girls! And, remember to take good care of yourself as well - you are special! :)

  3. I'm so glad you posted this. I've been missing you, even though I "see" you on fb. LOL! I had no idea you lost your job. are you actively looking? The extra time spent with the girls is wonderful and it is quite evident that you are blissfully enjoying it.

  4. Glad your back! I look here every day to see if there is something new....I knew at some point you would update it!!

  5. Yay for new post.

    Facebook is a great timewaster, right? Especially with all of us having it on our cellphones.

    Hope you all have a wonderful summer.